During my first year of teaching ELA, I really struggled with organization. I tried several ways of keeping up with collecting, reading, commenting, and distributing 70 essays per week until I discovered Doctopus and Goobric.

Doctopus is an add-on to Google Chrome, which organizes all of your files in Google Drive. Goobric allows you to upload custom rubrics and makes grading less painful.

At first glance, Doctopus can be somewhat intimidating, but with the help of Youtube tutorials, set-up can be quick and painless. One of the many advantages of Doctopus is that it allows you to keep an online portfolio. This means that all the work that students submit will be in a safe space that won’t be lost or destroyed. I found this extremely beneficial when I had to review student portfolios at the end of the year. Another advantage is that with Goobric, you can easily attach a rubric to their assignments, as well as add comments, and allow them to revise accordingly.

As an 8th grade teacher, I also found that students who asked for recommendations, for high school applications, could easily get a hold of their work without having to search far and wide. Doctopus and Goobric have been great tools for me and for my students.