Our Three C’s refer to qualities and behaviors that we want to see in all of our students. All MH3 adults must also demonstrate the same behaviors in the Three C’s code. You can find the Three C’s posted in the hallways, in classrooms, bathrooms, staircases, the cafeteria, the main office, and the gymnasium.

C-Notes will be used to acknowledge students who demonstrate behaviors from our Three C’s code. C-Notes can be given by ANY MH3 adult: administrators (principal & assistant principals), office staff, counselors, and teachers. Twice per month, you will be able to redeem, or “cash in,” your C-notes for activities, trips, and other incentives.

Please be responsible and keep your C-Notes in a safe place. C-Notes that are lost or stolen will not be replaced.

You will not be given C-Notes if you ask for them. They will be given spontaneously when you are observed demonstrating behaviors.

C-Notes cannot be taken away from you! However, misbehavior will result in earning fewer C-Notes and possibly further disciplinary action. So, follow the Three C’s code and you’ll have a successful year!