Curriculum and Science Expos

Our Twice-Annual Curriculum Expo allows students to showcase their best work from the academic year.  Students visit one another’s classrooms and share their work with each other, reflecting on what they learned and giving each other feedback using a rubric.  At the end of the year, our seventh graders participate in an Exit Interview, presenting their work to a panel of students, faculty members, and administration to demonstrate their readiness for promotion.

Each student also participates in our annual Science Expo, in which students create and participate in a lab experiment with their peers and present their work to outside judges.

Hands-On Science

Our Science teachers understand that science is a creative and analytic discipline, in which students’ thinking skills must be developed as much as their content knowledge.  In our science classes, our teachers guide students in developing the practices of real scientists, such as observing phenomena, applying their content knowledge to their observations, generating ideas and testing hypotheses, and communicating their results to others.  Our teachers use FOSS (Full Option Science System) kits to make their curriculum hands-on, project-based, and collaborative.  Students work in groups and independently to create, conduct, and present findings from scientific labs throughout the school year.  One of these labs becomes the foundation for our annual Science Expo, a hallmark feature of our school.

Student Orientation and Annual Family Day

Our teachers begin their school year two weeks early to prepare for student Orientation, which takes place one week prior to official start of the school year.  Our week-long student orientation helps to introduce incoming students to our school culture of excellence.  They meet their teachers and learn the expectations for the year so that instruction has already begun on the first day of school.


From its inception, chess has been a strong feature of our school culture.  Research has shown that students build their critical thinking skills and improve their academic performance through the practice of chess.  Our enrichment opportunities offer skill development for every level of player, from beginners who are learning the basic moves to experienced players who are working on more advanced chess concepts.  Every year, our students compete in tournaments throughout the city, led by our Chess coach Mr. Goot, and have traveled to compete in Nationals and Supernationals tournaments.


Students have a wide variety of enrichment opportunities both during the school day and after school.  Activities like MH3 Rock Band, dance, chorus, and visual art are led by seasoned and experienced instructors who bring passion to their work and help to hone each student’s budding talents.  Our students have performed original choreography for outside audiences, our rock band has competed in nationwide contests, and many of our student artists have been accepted to LaGuardia High School and other arts-focused high schools using their middle school portfolios.


Our computer lab offers students interactive and customized learning opportunities. All of our classrooms have SMARTboards. We also have at least multiple laptop carts for classroom integration of technology, and an Apple MacBook Learning Lab for student-produced digital media projects.  Our school was just awarded a grant for $100,000 by Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. to outfit every classroom with an upgraded SMARTboard system.

Cultural and College Trips

Our teachers and students travel to museums and cultural institutions throughout the city and beyond.  In addition, each grade takes several college trips each year.

Annual Career Day

At our annual Career Day, over thirty professionals from a variety of different careers visit our school to speak to students about their jobs and about the preparation they need for the future.  Students get to explore the tools that are used in these fields and they can ask questions to find out first-hand information about career preparation.