Our curriculum is aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards, which were adopted by New York in 2010 and have been adopted by 42 states nationwide.  In literacy, these standards emphasize that students engage in close reading of complex texts in reading and cite evidence to support their arguments in writing.  In mathematics, the CCLS demand that students a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and practices, that they develop both speed and accuracy in their work, and that they apply their knowledge to real-world situations.  These standards are designed to not just prepare students for the next grade in their academic careers, but to prepare them for the demands of college and professional careers.

Academic rigor and college preparedness have always been central to our mission as a school.  Our classrooms are named after colleges, and every year our students make a number of college visits throughout the tri-state area and beyond.  In the classroom, we prepare our students for college by demanding that they write with evidence, read to learn, and solve mathematical problems with precision and conceptual understanding.  Students complete rich, engaging tasks in every subject, and they inventory their work in subject portfolios. These portfolios are showcased at our twice-yearly Curriculum Expos, in which students present their work and reflect on their growth.